The Buddhist cave shrines of Xiangtangshan in Fengfeng Mining District, Handan, Hebei province, were created in the Northern Qi period (550-577). In addition to their highly refined sculptures and innovative design, the Xiangtangshan caves are rich in textual content. Many of the caves have engraved inscriptions that include Buddhist scriptures and dedications of sculptures of Buddhist divinities by donor-worshippers. Of particular importance, the stele of Northern Qi official Tang Yong, records his sponsorship of the carving of entire Buddhist texts at the Cave of the Engraved Scriptures between the years 568 and 572. This is the only dated Northern Qi period inscription providing contemporary evidence of the existence of the Northern Xiangtangshan caves.

The engravings and relief carvings are recorded as photographs of rubbings that were produced with ink on paper by Zhang Lintang and Xu Peilan. The Center for the Art of East Asia has acquired them through their generosity. They have published the rubbings together with transcriptions of the texts in Xiangtangshan shiku beike tiji zonglu [An Overall Record of the Summaries of the Stone Inscriptions at the Xiangtangshan Grottoes], v. 1 and 2, Beijng: Foreign Languages Press, 2007. The rubbings on the website refer to their figure numbers in the book. This site was created by Charles Crable and Katherine Tsiang with the assistance of Zhiyan Yang and Zhenru Zhou. See. also, the Xiangtangshan Caves Project website, https://xts.uchicago.edu.


林堂与此前制作了响堂山石窟刻及浮雕的拓片,并慷慨地将拓片的数字像分享了芝加哥大学东亚艺术中心。些拓片及其文曾表于《响堂山石窟碑刻题记总录1-2册》(北京外文出版社),本网站展示的拓片均与中的号相对应。本网站由Charles Crable、蒋人和建,之彦、周真如建。响堂山石窟目主请前往https://xts.uchicago.edu/.